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for players who own all of their own paintball equipment.

Due to a lack of support recently from the Paintball own gunner/walk on paintballers the regular last Sunday of the month paintball Walk on day is now suspended indefinitely and will be reserved for the growing number of Rental Paintball groups, Airsoft groups and children's Blaster paintball parties instead.

Apologies to the core of committed walk on players who tried to support us but unfortunately I can't reserve an entire Sunday turning other bookings away for so few players.

You were warned "Use it or lose it", too many of you chose to not use it. 

For all the latest Paintball and Airsoft gear at some of the best prices around click on the BZ Paintball link below.

TEXT 'BZ EXTRA' to 07887 841306 and receive a free code for an extra 5% discount.

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