Frequently Asked Questions AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Question 1: How much does it cost to play paintball?

Answer: How much it costs is up to you and each individual member of your group. You choose the Paintball deal to suit your personal budget but for a rough guide the average amount of paintballs used at any paintball venue around the country for younger players is around 400-600 paintballs and for adults its around 700-1000 paintballs, budget for that and you won't go wrong. Click here for all prices and deals


Q2: How do I book a days paintball?

A: Call 07887 841306 or 01945 581358 

Q3: How old do you have to be to play paintball?

A: For normal Paintball 11 years or older, for low impact Splatmaster sessions 8 years up to 12 years old.

Q4: Can we just turn up on site and play?

A: NO you must book and pay required £10 per person deposits first! 


Q5: Do you do half day bookings?

A: Yes but they are extremely rare and very unpopular due to the limited game time. Half days are subject to a minimum group size of 10 players with a minimum purchase of 500 paintballs per player (See the prices page for details.) 

Q6: What are the start and finish times?

A: Arrive for signing in by 09:30 no later, finish time is up to you but is normally between 15:00-16:30 depending on the season. Please do not arrive late as late arrivals can disrupt other groups and interferes with the smooth running of the day.


Q7: What should we wear?

A: Dress for the occasion and the weather, remember you're going to play paintball outdoors in a simulated Battlefield environment in a woodland setting so it could be wet and muddy or it could be as dry as a bone, you're not going to watch Kylie Minogue in concert so wear suitable clothes and wear decent solid footwear WITH GRIP!! 

GOOD CHOICE: Boots with ankle support like walking or work boots, football or rugby boots with blades are also a good choice.

BAD CHOICE: Sandals, Crocs or flip flops (yes it's happened, we've had all three).... trainers and flat bottomed canvas/deck shoes like Vans or Converse are also next to useless in a simulated battlefield woodland environment.


Q8: What happens if it rains?

A:  Dress appropriately or you'll get wet (see question 7 above)! Paintball is played in all weather conditions and rain often enhances the realistic battlefield experience. We do not cancel games because its raining...or because you've heard or think it might rain or even snow for that matter!!! 


Q9: Can we buy extra paintballs during the day?

A: Yes, once you've purchased your chosen deal you can purchase extra paintballs smoke grenades or paintball frag grenades if you want or need them any time during the day.

Q10: Can we bring our own paintballs?

A: No


Q11: Can we bring our own food and drink? 

A: Under the current situation you are advised to bring your own food or lunch as we are temporarily suspending our famous Jacket potatoes beans chilli and cheese. Chocolates sweets and drinks remain unaffected and can be purchased at any time.


Q12: What do we get for lunch?

A: See question 11 above

Q13: Do you have personal lockers on site?

A: Yes, (£5 fully refundable deposit per locker is required). 

Q14: We've bought some vouchers from ticket vendors/shop can we use them direct with you?

A: No, you need to ring the number on the ticket or voucher. The only vouchers we accept are ones you have purchased from us directly. We on occasion get bookings from:

U.K. Paintball

Nationwide Paintball

Go Ballistic

Paintball Matrix

IPG and Delta force 

Remember it's far easier and much cheaper to book direct with us than through any agency or ticket seller. 

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