All deals for a full or half day include:
Semi auto paintball marker
Two types of Optional body armour
Full goggle system
Ambush hood
camo overalls
4 pot battle pack
fast feed hopper
free air refills
 full admission
hot lunch (full day only)
complimentary tea & coffee
up to 12 games per day 
experienced marshals

Smoke Grenades £5 each

Discount for bulk buys

Buy From £7.50

Hire £3.50 per day

Extra Paint From £6 per 100

New and used Goggles

  FULL DAY group deals FOR 10 or more pLAYERS  
Full day: 09:30-16:00
(Book a group deal for your Xmas party during December and receive 1000 extra paintballs for your group)
GROUP Deal 1 full day
(BUDGET deal)

500 paintballs £29.99 per person 


(the most popular deal)


1000 paintballs £49.99 per person

(Players in your group can choose either deal on the day)

PRICES for groups or individuals up to 10 players

FULL DAY 09:30-16:00


(For individuals or smaller groups of less than 10 players)


Sniper Pack*

(Starter PACk only)*

300 paintballs £24.99 per person

Recon Pack

500 paintballs £34.99 per person

Trooper Pack

700 paintballs £44.99 per person

Attack Pack

1000 paintballs £54.99 per person


1100 paintballs+1 Smoke and 1 Frag grenade

£64.99 per person

*Sniper Pack is only a starter pack and you will definitely need more paintballs to last a day.



ALL HALF DAY DEALS ARE SUBJECT TO A MINIMUM GROUP SIZE OF 10 PLAYERS (You cannot book half days online please call instead)

Morning session 09:30-12:30

Afternoon session 13:00-16:00

£30.00 Per person includes 500 paintballs each 



100 extra Paintballs £7.00

500 extra Paintballs £30.00

(Any extra paintball purchased can be shared with other group members if you've booked direct)

M16 Style Upgrade Gun £10.00 

Paint frag Grenade £5.00 

Long Burn High Output Smoke Grenade £5.00

Armoured Paintball Gloves from £7.50

Armoured Paintball Glove Hire £3.50 per day

(A £10 deposit is required on hire gloves)

Security Locker Hire (a refundable £5 deposit is required)


For JT Splatmaster prices see the Splatmaster page

For Walk On Player Prices see the Walk On page




To book games you will need to pay a deposit of £10 per player to secure your spaces. Each deposit is part of the deal each player chooses on the day and is not an extra charge. Deposits can be paid online, in cash or the most popular way by secure credit/debit card payment over the phone by calling 07887 841306 or 01945 581358 

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